Pumpkin in sour cream sauce

They say the pumpkin season is over and you should wait till next autumn to enjoy it. But my Mom was clever and bought many small pumkins, little butternut squashes. She means you can keep them for a long time. And she was right. We kept them for a long time and they are still fresh. I cut the last yesterday and it smiled at me in orange.

I never was a fan of pumpkin dishes till I found a recipe by one of the russian cooking bloggers. Don’t know exactly who it was, but if you know write in the comments.. Since then I’am a big fan. By the way, I changed the recipe a bit, because I wanted to add my favourite spices. But let me introduce to you the recipe. If you’ll love it or not is a matter of taste. Let’s go!


 – 400-500 g of pumpkin

– 100 g of sour cream

 – 3 or 4 garlic cloves

– coriander bunch

– dill bunch

 – 1 teaspoon of zhug

 – salt  (half teaspoon, but taste and add like you like it)

 – curcuma powder 1/4 teaspoon

 – caraway powder 1/3 teaspoon

 – 2 tbsp olive oil

 – a half glass of water

Use a pan with a lid!

g – means gramm

Some info about zhug, who doesn’t know what it is:

A zhug is a yemenite hot sauce, made from red or green hot peppers and mixed with herbs, garlic, salt and some other spices. I like it very much, especially the red sauce. I add it instead of pepper in many dishes. It gives an unforgettable spicy taste.

To the dish

1. Cut garlic in small pieces and pumpkin in cubes.

2. Cut kitchen herbs. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of them.

3. In a bowl mix sour cream, garlic pieces and herbs. Add salt, curcuma and caraway powders and zhug.

4. Heat up olive oil in a pan and fry pumpkin cubes on a low-medium heat stirring frequently till it’s half done.

5. Then reduce the heat to lowest, add the sauce in the pan, stir good and simmer covered for about one minute. Then stir again, cover and let it simmer for another minute. Add water and stir good. Cover and let the stew simmer till the pumpkin is soft.

Don’t forget you must stir often otherwise the sauce can burn on the bottom of the pan!


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