Magic of India part 1 – or how I rediscovered curcuma

A strange thing is happening to me in recent times. I see yellow. No not the colour, but something that has more yellow than an egg yolk. What it is? Well to this topic I’m going to dedicate many posts. What I am talking about the whole time?

It’s name is CURCUMA



I mean it is very strange, but everywhere I surf in the Net I see articles about it. In russian, german and globale Net it seems that everyone talks about curcuma. It is a real curcuma chase!! Curcuma is good for this and that, for this and that, for this and that …

I said to me : “What the … (unspeakable)”

I ask myself the whole time, why? And what’s the reason for this hype?

Yes I knew what is curcuma. And even more: I am very familiar with it. In our family we use curcuma for nearly every dish since generations. So what? But it seems to be that some parts of the world discover curcuma only now. Well, I can congratulate them: they can count themselves lucky, because curcuma is “healthy” and “tasty”

Let me introduce it to you in short words.


Facts about curcuma

I read a lot about curcuma in the past few days. So guys I don’t wanna overload you with all this scientific stuff, but only what I found important to know.


Curcuma alias turmeric is a plant of the ginger family, native to India and Southeast Asia. For importance are the roots of the plant. Curcuma can be used fresh or as powder. Curcuma roots are used in culinary, beauty and medicine, as dye or for religious rituals. The main substance is called curcumin and it is responsible for the intensive colour of the root.

There are many sorts of curcuma, but important is Curcuma longa, a sort with white flowers.


So does it look like. Curcuma longa flower
And so it grows in the widerness.
The root. Looks like ginger outside (and inside 😉 ), isn’t it?



Main characteristic of curcuma:

 – antiseptic
 – antibacterial
 – rich in vitamins (B, B2, B3; C, K)
 – anti-inflammatory
 – strengthens immunity
 – cleans and tones the skin

It is only a little part of its characteristics, but I don’t wanna go in details.

The root looks like a ginger root outside. No wonder, because curcuma belongs to the same family of plants.

I can tell you how it tastes: like carrots, but with a bit heat.

By the way, I found many recipes with curcuma powder for many diseases, for instance for a strength immunity and against chill:

– 15 g of curcuma powder

– 100 g of honey

mix good and take 1/2 of teaspoon every hour. Then, if you’re recovering from your chill and getting better, reduce the dose to 1/2 of teaspoon every second hour.

I personally don’t know if it helps, but it definitely wouldn’t harm. If you’re not allergic to it of course, but it is another story. To use it you shouldn’t react allergic to it. Somehow you should do an allergy-test.


Be healthy

( …to be continued)


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