Tea tree for beauty

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Few words at the beginning

Today I want to launch a new category and that is a Beauty-Lexicon. What do I mean? Nothing else, but to introduce some things or definitions that are popular in the cosmetics and especially in my beloved K-beauty.

When I started to use cosmetics, I was totaly taken aback by various substances used in the cosmetic industry today. It took me a long time to learn what is this, what is good for what, what can/can’t be used with what… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I just want to help those of you who read my posts and find yourselves in the same situation like I was then. I hope it’ll be really helpful and save your money and time. I’ll try to be precise and short as I can.


Tea Tree alias Malaleuca alternifolia

As an owner of combo skin, I am always seeking for cosmetics with antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. And I found a lot of good products I’ve been using since then. What many of them have in common is a tea tree extract and about that I wanna talk today.

What is tea tree that is used today in cosmetics for impure and oily skin?

I remember when I bought my first korean sheet mask set it included two masks with similar name: Green Tea and Tea Tree. I thought: Why use twice the same? But soon I understood what was behind it.

First of all tea tree has nothing to do with the tea plant used for green or black tea we know.



Camellia sinensis shrub. The source for our green and black tea.


And its flowers.

Tea shrub is commonly cultivated in Asian countries like India, China, Korea and Japan.

The tea tree I am talking about is native to South Eastern Australia and its scientific name is: Malaleuca. There are many sorts of it, but important for medicinal and commercial use is the sort Malaleuca alternifolia.

Malaleuca alternifolia alias tea tree shrub.
Beautiful flowers.

Can you see the difference? But how it got its name tea tree? I searched for an answer and thanks Google found a story about J. Cook and his voyage to explore the world in 18th century. During his visit to Australia, the Aboriginies offered his team a drink from tea tree leaves. And these guys liked the taste of the drink so much that they gave it the name: tea tree. This is how I understood the story, if you find another version write me in the comments.


What is it good for?

Tea tree has been used by Aboriginies for medicinal treatment of wounds, colds etc. In the early 20th century western medicine discovered this plant, because tea tree is a source for essential oil. In fact the leaves of tea tree are rich in essential oil that is a natural antiseptic.

Essential oils are volatile substances that are found in plants (leaves, flowers, branches, bark) and are extracted from them. The difference between essential oil and other substances of the plant is the smell. In other words essential oil is a fragrance of the plant.

Tea tree oil has high antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. It stops bacterial growth and makes viruses harmless. So, no wonder that it is used to treat acne, fungal infection, herpes etc.

Tea tree’s essential oil is also used as aromatherapy mostly against panic attacks, fears, stress etc.

Also cosmetic brands, especially those that specializes for products for impure skin, discovered tea tree as a very effective mean for treatment of acne.

Tea tree cosmetics are also good as prevention for oily skin owners to keen the skin clear and clean.

After the study for this post: I am convinced! As a combo skin owner, I am going to find and use tea tree cosmetics, and I know that my beloved K-beauty brands have a lot of them in their product lines. I am so happy about it! Finally a solution for skin troubles. And I hope, I will be able to post reviews of such products to help others find the optimal skin care they need.

Phew! I did it short. Yes!

Cosmetics with Tea Tree I recommend

Below I list some products mostly made of Tea Tree or containing Tea Tree extract I use personally and highly recommend. I give the link to the posts for those of them I’ve already reviewed.



Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Cleanser contains Tea Tree extract and is perfect for oily skin and against impurities. Full review here: Like it! Like it! Like it! – COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser review



Secret Key Skin Refreshing Toner with Tea Tree extract. Removes sebum, cleanses, refreshes and soothes at the same time and doesn’t irritate though it ontains alcohol. Perfect toner and cleansing water for oily/impure skin.



Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask, a sheet mask perfectly suitable for impure and acne-prone skin. Fights impurities effectively, moisturizes and soothes, reduces red spots and pimples very well. Isn’t sticky and works good with other care.



iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum suits wonderful for oily/impure skin. Moisturizes and soothes, clears the skin and improves its complexion. Isn’t sticky or greasy, behaves good under other care and makeup.


See you next time 🙂


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