Little help how to read K-Beauty samples

I usually get many free-samples by my K-beauty orders. I am very happy about it. So I can test some products and then decide is it worth to buy the whole package or not? And so I can save much money and nerves, if I didn’t like something or something doesn’t suit my skin type.

But what happens, if you are not able to understand what sort of stuff you got? Something like this happened to me, when I got my K-beauty packages. Not every seller gives free-samples. So, I am very excited every time I get something. Most of the samples have some description in English, but there were some only in Korean. I was very confused, because I didn’t know what it can be.

But fortunately I’ve been learning Korean and so I could read something and understand what it is for. And fortunately I didn’t even need Korean words, the knowledge of Korean alphabet was enough. It seems to be that Koreans use many English words, but write them with Korean letters. I know something like this from Russian and German.

Some facts about Korean alphabet

Korean alphabet or Hangeul ( 한글 ) was first created 1443 by Korean king Sejong the Great (or during his reign by his order). Bevor this, Koreans used chinese characters for writing. Because of the difficulty of the chinese writing system and the differnces between Korean and chinese languages many common people couldn’t read and write. To support more education amoung the nation was created the Korean alphabet we know.

Like I said, many samples have an English description, but for you guys, who will find himself in same situation like I was, I wanna give some help how to understand it. Unfortunately I threw many of them away after using, but there is one left I can show you. It is a sample of MISSHA – MISA Geum Sul Giyoun Eye Cream.

Like you can see it is everything in Korean.

Here some explanation.

So, if you find on it these signs: 아이 – Eye      크림 – Cream

The other side of the sample


Here some other words:

시카 크림 – cica cream

리페어 – repair

에센스 – essence

로션 – lotion

세럼 – serum

모이스트 – moist

수딩 – soothing

카밍 – calming



Here K-beauty brand names:

미사 – Missha

아이오페 – IOPE

썸바이미 – SOME BY ME

라네즈 – Laneige


I am going to upgrade this post, when I find more

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