Silver jewelleries – 4 methods to clean

I had to clean some of my silver jewelleries and thought it would be good to make a post about it. This is also a possibility to show you what for a person I am. And by a girl her jewelleries are one of her passports.

I like silver.

I like gold, too.

But silver is not so expensive, so it is logically to have more silver pieces than those of gold. I always prefer natural jewelleries than fashion glass/metal/plastic bling-bling jewels.

There are two types of silver jewels: rhodanized and not rhodanized. Silver is such a metal that tarnish with the time and changes its colour from light to dark. To prevent tarnishing silver items are being electroplated with a thin coat of rhodium. Such items are robust against tarnishing, but even them need to be cleaned from time to time.

During preparations for cleaning I asked myself which way is the best to clean my babies? And realized that I have different types of items:

  • Only silver.
  • With pearls.
  • With stones.
  • Ornamental.
  • Shaped.

It was clear to me, I should choose different ways of cleaning, the right for each item. The best and safe way is to use an ultrasound cleaning device. But I don’t have one and have too look for other ways of cleaning. I searched in the internet what people usually do in such a case and realized nearly all of them (I could find) do the same procedures. I chose some of them and tried. And here the results.


Method 1

For items only of silver and of simply shape it is better to use jewellery polishing cloth.

I’ve polished my hoop earrings with polishing cloth.


Method 2

What if you have pieces with deep ornaments or complex shapes? Like these earrings, locket and pendant.


You can make a bath for your sweethearts. You need: a bowl, aluminum foil, baking powder/baking soda and hot boiled water.

1. Take a bowl and aluminum foil.

2. Cover the bowl with the foil, the matt side upturned.

3. Put the silver pieces in the bowl. Open the locket to clean inside too.

4. Sprinkle baking powder over them.

5. Pour hot boiled water over. The water must cover the pieces.

6. Leave them for 15-20 minutes. Then take them out, wash and dry.




Method 3

If you have pearls it is better not to put them in the baking powder bath. Baking powder and hot water would definitely damage your pearls. Soap water should be a better alternative. I have a ring and earrings silver set with pearls. They’re very difficult to clean because of the design.

I decided to clean only the earring with soap water.

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add some drops of liquid soap. Put the pieces in the water for an hour.

After an hour take them out, wash and dry.

The same colour.

I didn’t see any difference before and after. Don’t like this method.


Method 4

As I wrote above, I dislike the method with the soap water and decided to try another method for the ring.

You need: a piece of cloth and salt.

1. Put the pieces on the cloth and give much salt above.

2. Do a little sac of it. Bind the ends together or do like I did.

3. Put under the tap with lukewarm water and rub till the salt is washed off.

Wow! Very good! I see big difference. Not only the metal is clean, but also the pearl has got a wonderful shine.

I feel tired after such a back-breaking work)))))))))



I’ve tested 4 methods and can say I definitely dislike the method number 3 with soap water. It did nothing. In comparison method number 4 is excellent. Also method number 2 is very good.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find how to clean silver pieces with precious stones. Luckily my turquoise ring has got a simply shape and I cleaned it only with polish cloth. If I find another methods I’ll upgrade the post (no promise). Maybe you’ll can give me some other tips. Write me back in the comments.

Wear your jewelleries and

Stay beautiful 🙂

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