Wrong skin care? – 6 mistakes you can do

I’m a beauty-junkie and love it to read a lot of reviews and comments of other girls and their experience. that helped me a lot to choose the right cosmetic products for myself and avoid the bad. From time to time I read something, that makes me call: Oh, dear!!! That was wrong! or I have a pity with you! or Many years ago I behavied the same! What am I talking about? Only about mistakes of skin care someone can do. Hence, if you’re a super-gifted with much experience beauty-fanatic this post is simply not your cup of tea. Simply pass to other post and have a nice time. It is dedicated to all those who do these mistakes I’ll list below permanently. So in this short post I simply want to list some of the most common mistakes unxperienced in beauty routine can do with the hope to help someone to avoid them in the future.

1. You don’t know your right skin type or think of the wrong one. As a result you choose and use wrong care and harm you skin even more. I did this for many years and wondered why cosmetics didn’t help me. The reason for it I personally see in less independency of a person to decide for him-/herself, because of the much advertising and many brands competitive one with each other that try to impress and convince us to buy exactly their products. Someone should first free his mind and decide what is important for him/her and what is the right way to act in such a case so not to blow the money from window.

2. You have a skin problem like acne, but try to treat it with cosmetics from the shop next door. don’t hesitate to visit the doctor. All the cosmetic is only meant for the external improvement of the skin. By serious problems you’ll need medicine and not cosmetic (maybe except of special cosmetics for impure skin or such treatments like Dr. Jart’s Cicapair). When I had acne many years ago, I went to a dermatologist and used only remedies from pharmacy and not cosmetics.

3. You’re attracted to colourful and fancy sparkling packages that you’re unable to resist and simply want to buy them all. What’s inside doesn’t really matter, but it should be something good and of high quality and of course will work for you. Why esle does it have such amazing jars? (BTW, thanks to competition between producers, nowadays even cheap cosmetics look like highpriced.) – Such behaviour is calling shopaholic or something like this. Get rid of it as sooner as better. Otherwise you’ll spend money for useless things.

4. You don’t know the purposes of different remedies, how to use them, for whom they are and their hierarchy in the skin care. In that case, if you choose the wrong product, you can harm yourself much. I had not nice experience with some products for skin and hair many years ago, when I first started to use them and simply didn’t know what it is and how it works.

5. (Resulted from point number 4) You want to build an own skin care, but don’t know where to begin. The result, you’ll stand in front of the shop shelves and are unable to decide what finally to choose. I can only advice you to educate yourself in that point and this is easy nowadays. Read beauty bloggers, watch reviews on Youtube, read comments of other girls and their experience, ask in forums or your besties, ask for advice and don’t be shy.

6. You follow your fave beauty blogger and your admiration goes so far to copy religiously her skin care. In fact beauty bloggers often post their own skin care for the followers. The meaning is (in my opinion) to teach them how to treat or to choose cosmetics for an own skin care routine. But it doesn’t mean you should choose just the same products! I saw once in the internet posts of a girl with acne problems who tried to copy a blogger’s care for better skin and she spent much money to buy exactly the same products which couldn’t help her. The point is that the blogger had a healthy, pure and radiant skin through using those cosmetics and this girl not. This is the biggest mistake ever you can do! ABSOLUTELY NO GO! Each of us has his/her unique skin. Yes, Ok, we have the same structure, but how the skin reacts on different stuffs and its condition differ from person to person. So don’t copy anyone. The best thing you can to take an example from beauty bloggers to build an own routine and of course to ask for their advice.

So lovelies, I admit I did some of these things too in the past and spent much money, time and nerves on it till I got to the point when I said to myself that smth is wrong and I should turn it around and it helped a lot.

I wish yourselves to get familiar in the beauty world. Good luck! See you again.


And stay beautiful! 🙂

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