My first Singles’ Day Haul, YAY!

All the thoughts and opinions in my posts are my own at the moment. The posts and reviews aren’t sponsored yet and the links I share aren’t affiliate links yet. For the case IF I’ll mark the sponsored/affiliate content.

Late autumn and winter are Sales time. Every week more and more offers grew like mushrooms after rain: we give best discounts, we have Sale to 50% and so on. Normally I don’t wait for discounts, if I need something I buy it, but this year I think I was taken with the wave of everyone’s excitment for Sales.

Did you know Singles’ Day is a Chinese tradition from 1990s? I didn’t. First it was a Student’s movement and now it is celebrating all over the world and has already transformed to large shopping event. Read more here: Singles’ Day

First Singles’ Day Haul opens a new Category Hauls and Boxes on my blog where I’m going to write about the most interesting of my hauls and boxes I’ll get. And I’ll try to keep them short to give more details in reviews.

My Douglas box arrived with big delay, but now come to me baby. The biggest box of cosmetics I’ve ever got.


Ta-da! Ooooops…. covered!

Quick unveil…

Only four items, why they needed such a big box!!! I tell you the most space in the box was occupied with covering paper)))

First product – Lancome Effacernes Longue Tenue LSF 30 Concealer. I am so glad I have found it. As I am a K-Beauty follower since last year and now 38 years old, I got used with the time not to go out without sunscreen. OK, sunscreens are offered on every corner, but it’s not easy to find a good concealer with SPF. After reading many excited reviews I said yes I want it too. I haven’t tried it till now, but a review will come definitely. 


Starskin Juice Lab – Holy Kale! Mask with grapefruit and vitamin C for brightening. My first Starskin mask. Oh yeah! Everyone’s darling under sheet masks. Actually I am dedicated to Korean sheet masks, because of not too good experience with Non-Korean (with some exceptions). But good news, Starskin produces its masks in Korea, yeahhhh. Very curious. The mask itself is a DIY sheet mask: you get a dry sheet and serum in different sachets to soak the sheet in serum or… or otherwise? I don’t really know… Ok, they definitely give a description on the package. Full review here: STARSKIN Juice Lab Holy Kale! sheet mask review


Benefit Hoola Boddess Body Cream. This one is also my first Benefit product. Actually Benefit products are a bit too expensive, but they gave a 55% discount and I thought it’s a good chance to snap. Oh, nice promise. I have already tried it, but details will come in a review later. (Updated, full review here: Hyped body creams – Benefit Hoola Boddess Cream, Rituals of Sakura, Sol de Janeiro Brazilian BumBum cream review )


The tube.


And last, but not least…

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Carnival feeling in my bath

Sol de Janeiro mini package including the Bum Bum cream, the Brazilian4play shower gel and Brazilian Crush body fragrance. Excellent products, but sooooooooo expensive! This is because I always try to buy only minis from this brand.

Nice bag.

Not my first package and hopefully not the last. Looooove them!!!!


The reviews for the items in this post will definitely come, but cannot promise when. Sending kisses for all who is subscribed to my channel and a big THANK YOU, guys! I hope my reviews are hepful enough for you despite of my English, because I am not native speaker, but try to do my best, learn more and make progress every time I get the chance to. Love ya! Have a nice time and…

See you again 😉

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