Black Friday Unboxing 2 Hauls

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Black Friday is over and I’ve got two small boxes I want to unbox finally. I don’t know should I order something for Black Friday next year. According to my experience it isn’t worth. First till BF the half, or say better the most interesting items are definitely sold out and not in stock for while. Second, and that’s what I’ve noticed, some of the sellers and online shops raise the prices very slowly. Even by discounted products they lift the price. Not nice.!

Some of the products from this haul I’ve already used before, some ordered for the first time and I don’t really know now are they a real hit or miss? Let’s take a look.




Yeah! My favourite cleanser from Cosrx. And it comes now in a box. I bought covered with the foil in the past. Love for the whole life. Though the cleanser contains tea tree extract, AHAs & BHAs it is gentle enough for daily use. Full review here: Like it! Like it! Like it! – COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser review

Next box


Powder puff from Barbara Hoffmann.

OMG! Why it’s so big! I need a powder puff for my new “high end powder” and since I have always bought low budget puffs from drugstore, this time I wanted it in a better quality. I don’t know now how it really works, but it’s toooooooo big. I guess, I have to go again to drugstore.



YAY!!! YAYyyyyy!!!!!! My most, the most fave sheet masks from Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution. A real must-have for everyone with oily or impure skin: soothing, hydrating, fighting impurities, reduces redness and pimples. Very comfortable to wear and leaves no oily residue after. Highly recommend.



My first Estee Lauder product: lash primer and mascara set. Cannot say anything at the moment. Since I’ve never used lash primer before, I’m very curious. Will try to write a review later (no promise).



YADAH Red Energy Eye Cream is also my first YADAH product. I have already finished my previous eye cream from Eucerin and was looking for something new with anti-age qualities and stumbled over this one. The producer promises wrinkle reducing and brightening. We’ll see. (I’ll see:-) ). 100% organic EWG certified.



Since last summer I started to use oils for face though avoided it in the past just because I was scared for my oily tending skin to get more oily. But my fears were baseless and cold pressed oils are perfect for every skin type and not only don’t leave an oily shine, but even reduce oiliness. This time it was the turn of Passionfruit seed oil (I have from Primavera)., should have antioxidative properties, regenerates, restores the skin’s own lipid barrier.




❤ No comments ❤




Another oil – cold pressed Chia Seed Oil from The Ordinary. I haven’t tried much from The Ordinary yet, but I love their oils. I have already used  Marula and Rosehip oils and find them good enough to repurchase, though I don’t think all of their oils are really cheap.




OMG! OMG! OMG! Gift Alarmmmmmmm!

I was in the same mood as I saw I have got a gift.


I guess these are the sheet masks from Pyunkang Yul, but not sure moisturizing or peeling. I haven’t used them before. Nice surprise! Yeah! Big THANK to Lovemycosmetic!

One more gift! Yay!

And samples

Nice, but I cannot understand why the put toner in sachets? Oh, there’s a BB cream sample! Excellent, recently I was playing with the thoughts of purchasing one, but couldn’t decide what colour to choose.

Conclusion – all in all I’m very pleased and I think it’s not a bad idea to clear online shelves next Black Friday, just because I saved a lot of money. I’ll see.


See ya next time lovelies ❤


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