Shisheido Pureness Mattifying Powder SPF 15 review

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I was never a big friend of makeup and never used much of it. On my blog I’ve posted only skin care reviews and gave tips since I’m a passionate skin care junkie. But how the life shows again and again girls simply need makeup whether they like it or dislike. The reasons? Well, uneven skin tone, bad complexion, acne and just aging. It has to be, I thought and decided to open a new category for makeup on my blog. And the honour to open it belongs to Shisheido! Yeahhhhh!!!!

The product I’ going to talk about is my second Japanese cosmetic item after 2 of Biore’s sunscreens (full review here: Sunscreens in battle and review (for oily skin) ), first Japanese makeup and first Shisheido product ever. No, I don’t feel dizzy, only glad I’ve found a perfect makeup for me, a little drop in the makeup ocean that seems to grow and grow since every fish thinks to launch its own cosmetic brand. Only joking.))) No, I’m not going to make this a super-puper pepped exotic funny something-I-have-never-read-like-this-before post according to less-is-more-rule.

So, Ladies (and Gentlemen) let me introduce to you the Star of my post today:


The story behind

My readers or those of you who regularly read my reviews and other cosmetic related posts know that I’m permanently searching for cosmetics suitable for oily tending and impure skin. But all these cosmetics I reviewed before were skin care products and now I decided to turn to the makeup. As teenager I didn’t use much makeup, as college student I struggled with acne for many years and simply wasn’t up for makeup at all. Even now I try to wear light natural makeup without contouring, highlighting and so on, though I think a little bit would be OK. So, you can guess, I am not a “makeup artist” and won’t become one ever. The time passes, I am 38 already and something I’ve learned in the past 2 years is: if we want or not the older you get the more makeup you need to cover wrinkles, to correct complexion, to give a glow… In addition I have a combination skin which could get oily in summer, have to fight impurities which appeared from time to time and eliminate old post-acne spots. According to these reasons I’ve made a list of criteria important for me what depends on choosing the best powder suitable for me.


Criteria according to I chose this powder – What I was looking for?

Coverage: Light/Medium – since I wear a foundation and concealer under, which hide red spots and pimples and because I put a sunscreen under both too, I prefer light till medium coverage by powder. Otherwise it feels too heavy.

Evenness – has to fill fine lines and make the skin even.

Finish: Mattifying – main factor for me to remove or reduce the oily shine.

Non-comedogenic – having big pores its handicap itself and powders are suspected to clog pores like no other cosmetic, so I am looking for a non-comedogenic formulation. The ingredient responsible for clogging pores by powders is Talc..

Talc /Talcum- is powedered mineral and the main ingredient in powders, shadows, highlighters and other powder-like cosmetics. Main properties: it makes the product stable by preventing from oxidyzing, gives better setting on skin and absorbs moisture and sebum this is because mattifying powders often contain talc. The shadow sides of talc: absorbing moisture from skin it can dry it out and as it gets heavy can clog the pores.

Price – I have always used mass-market powders, so this time I wanted something towards high-end, but still not luxury. I mean a brand product, but for affordable price.


SPF was not important for me since I use sunscreen every time I go out, but I’m thinking to replace sunscreen with BBcream or foundation with SPF and choose a primer instead of sunscreen.


About product

Actually nearly all Shisheido products are too expensive for my taste ( taste?! – purse! 🙂 ), but this one item was the cheapest I could find. I had a choice between this one and a mattifying powder from Clinique and decided to try first Shisheido.

Pressed compact powder with SPF 15.
Price: now by Douglas – 22,95 €, by Amazon Germany – 27 € till 38 €, depends on colour.

by – between 28 $ and 35 $

Little light-blue box with light-blue case inside (with mirror). Nice portable size to carry in the handbag.

The whole range has got 5 colours from 10 the lightest to 50 the darkest.

The colour I’ve chosen N 30 and I have to say I chose a darker shade than my actual skin colour. The stands of Shisheido were deep inside the shop and illumination there wasn’t intensive enough. The good thing is, I can live with that, it gives my skin a slight summer tan. For the next purchase N 20 were better. Tip for no mistake by choosing the right colour: make swatches, go out of the shop and prove by daylight.

A sponge instead of a puff inside, under it a protecting foil.

I prefer only one side puffs with a handle as I think its more hygienic and the mirror stays clean. Also I do like velour/plush puffs more than sponges. So, during Black Friday I’ve ordered a plush puff from Barbara Hofmann (a German brand for makeup accessoires), but it was too big for this case and I went to dm and bought two budget puffs from ebelin.


Oil-free formulation, sulfate-free, non-comedogenic, hyppoallergic

Very fine powder. Isn’t chalky. Yes, it contains talc, but let’s see how it will behave on skin.

Contains parfum, but the powder itself smell not.I really dislike scented powders, so a plus point.

Parabennnnnn!!!!!! OK, calm down, this shouldn’t be the end of the world.


My experience and the best application way in my opinion

Doesn’t work on bare skin without foundation. Then I’ve tried only on sunscreen – emphasizes unevenness very strong and sunscreen partikles stay on the sponge and can make the powder dirty! Ahhhhhh)))) I don’t use baking, so cannot say at the moment how it’ll behave in this case.

Brush – Usually I don’t apply pressed powder with a brush as I think a brush is perfect for loose powder. Skipping brush.

Barbara Hofmann puff

I usually used low budget puffs from drugstore. This time I thought a budget puff for a high-end-powder is NO GO. Actually I was about to buy a Laura Mercier puff, but after reading some reviews it is too big for a normal powder container, turned to this one. And? The same story in this case.

Too big! No way! I was so happy looking forward to use it!!! Skipped! I’ll keep it for the case buying a loose powder some day.

Shisheido sponge -I really dislike how this sponge works. Gives a light coverage, because of the very thin layer the sponge leaves. Doesn’t cover pimples red spots without a full coverage foundation under. Even with a foundation emphasizes pores and fine lines. No setting at all, the skin looks uneven, powedery and cakey. A primer is necessary here to fill the pores and smooth the skin. Gives a matte finish, but only for un hour or max. two. After two hours appeares so much oily shine that the face looks really greasy and my face isn’t very oily. Blotting papers and re-touchs are needed here for sure, but I’m not ready to spend much money on them. So, I skip the sponge.


With ebelin puff

This is a low budget velour puff from German’s dm (drugstore). I have already used it with a mattifying powder from essence and liked it much. First because it helps to set the powder very well, has a handle and is affordable. Of course there’re much better puffs than this one, but it does its work and I’m happy.
Coverage – light till medium. The layer is thicker here than with sponge. Covers better than sponge, very well setting, doesn’t fill the pores, doesn’t emphasize anything, evens the skin’s appearance and creates a well natural looking makeup. Gives a mattifying finish for about two hours. After two hours a slight glow comes out, after four hours there’s much more glow, BUT it is still a glow and not oily shine. The natural look lasts and even after re-touch, doesn’t look powdery and not at all heavy. Great!



Don’t blame a product as non-working or bad, better try many ways of application out and choose the best suitable for you.
Though it contains talc, it didn’t clog my pores. I think it’s because the powder is very fine grinded and because I try to cleanse my face thoroughly.
This powder needs a primer, because even with a foundation does not make the skin appearance even. So, by aging skin with wrinkles and fine lines or even by small pimples, in my opinion won’t cover them.
The mattifying effect lasts not for a long time. How many touch-ups you need depends on the oiliness of your skin.
This powder is perfect for summer as it’s very light or for those who like layering and don’t want to overload the skin with thicker substances.

Working powder – affordable price. Like it very much! I want definitely repurchase.

Stay beautiful 🙂

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