JOWAE review Part 1 – Micellar Cleansing Water & Oil-in-Gel Cleanser

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JOWAE review part 2:


Last decade K-beauty stormed world’s cosmetic market and took it without fight (my opinion). Nearly every beauty blogger I watched and read in the last 2 years used and reviewed Korean cosmetics, some brands are now available even in German drugstores and they don’t offer much cosmetics, even German, for my taste (except of makeup). In this post I won’t write about what’s the reason of this popularity, but review a new brand, which I see as the effort of western brands to jump into the boot of hyping K-beauty.


About brand

If you’re a cosmetic junkie like me, you may have heard about Erborian, a brand launched in 2007 by a French and a Korean. A real symbiosis of western and Korean care which became very popular in the beauty scene. This year I put it on my wishlist too, in hope to pick something out from their makeup lines. In 2018 another of western cosmetic giants the French Ales Groupe Cosmetic launched together with a Korean laboratory a cosmetic brand called – JOWAE, maybe you’ve already heard of or tried it. I have found this brand in one of the pharmacies in Duesseldorf, my home city at the moment. Later I found out that the products are distributed offline through pharmacies. No wonder, the umbrella company Ales Groupe owns a range of brands like Lierac that is well known as pharmacy brand ( I saw it only in pharmacies).

JOWAE means HARMONY in Korean. And this is the determining factor by developing of its products. To bring the consumer’s skin to balance – in other words to harmonize the skin. JOWAE cosmetics is based on herbs traditionally used in Korea for centuries. 7 plants for 8 groups of lines (White Tea and Camellia Seed Oil are both derived Tea plant):

Common Peony – Line: Cleansing – Propertiy: Soothing


Sakura Water – Line: Moisturizer – Property: Refreshing


Lotus – Line: Impurities – Property: Astringent


White Tea – Line: Radiance & Youth – Property: Protecting


Camellia Oil (Tea Seed Oil) – Line: Nourishing – Property: Nourishing


Red Ginseng – Line: Anti-Aging – Property: Stimulating


Bamboo Water – Line: Hydrating & Protection – Property: Hydrating


Centella Asiatica – Line: Repair – Property: Healing


Each line contains 2 or more products. But in the middle of the each formulation stand Lumiphenols derived from Sempervivum Tectorum aka Common Houseleek or even simply a succulent plant.

Why is it so special?

It contains antioxidative and other useful substances that JOWAE developed and patented in an innovative formulation which is effectively working in four directions: protection, detoxification, repair and brightness with the only aim to bring the skin in balance and restore its own strength and health to resist against pollution, stress, etc. This is because every product of JOWAE contains Lumiphenols.

All JOWAE products are:

  • made of more than 90% natural ingredients and don’t contain. volatile silicones, parabens, phenoxyethanol,mineral oils, synthetic colourants and animal ingredients except of beeswax in several products.
  • suitable for all skin types (specially for sensitive skin).
  • affordable, they’re cheaper than some of the other Korean cleansers.


Where to buy:

  • Online (Jowae has some online website in several contries) or by Amazon.
  • Offline in Germany in some pharmacies, but cannot say at the moment about other countries.
  • Price: Water – 12 € till 16 €. Gel cleanser – about 12 €


JOWAE Micellar Cleansing Water

When I found this cleansing water from JOWAE I was looking for a new micellar water to replace my old Garnier micellar water. I had luck and suddenly stumled over JOWAE.

They offer it in 2 sizes 200 ml a bottle and 400 ml a bottle. I bought first 400 ml and then 200 ml. A plastic (and light) transparent bottle with typically JOWAE design. All JOWAE packages have the same design, so it’ easy to recognize them 🙂

What makes this water feel unlike other micellar waters I tried before is: it’s so mild and gentle! Not drying out, no harsh spirit scent, though it contains alcohol not irritating. JOWAE don’t have a toner amoung their products at the moment except of a mist, but every time I apply it I feel it like a gentle moisturizing toner! Feels very pleasant on skin, refreshes and even hydrates. Removes makeup very well, soothes and cleans. And it smells so amazing of peonies.



Key ingredients: Lumiphenols, propanediol, glycerin, peony extract.
There’re some ickies: parfum and alcohol.


Let’s make a test

I’ve chosen some makeup to show you how it works: lipliner, eye pencil, brow pencil, mascara, shadow and foundation.

Very good! Like it!

Pros: mild, gentle, not irritating, affordable price, works excellent, smells amazing.
Cons: not affordable everywhere.



JOWAE Oil-in-Gel Cleanser

Have you ever had troubles applying a liquid hydrophil oil, when it dropped down from your hands and fingers? JOWAE keeps on with Korean cosmetic industry traditions and creates a jelly hydrophil oil. I guess this was a new product because I didn’t see it before.

A tube of 100 ml in JOWAE design. A transparent light gel a bit oily.

Spreads well, feels pleasant and gently, doesn’t irritate. After cleansing leaves a thin oily layer.

How to use: apply appropriate amount on DRY skin and gently massage until all makeup and dirt remove, then rinse off with lukewarm water. By contact with water the gel emulsifies like normal cleansing oil do. Attention: use a foam cleanser after, because this is not a cleanser itself and should be removed too.



Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Water, Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Parfum, Paeonia Officinalis Flower Extract, Sempervivum Tectorum Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid. 1143A.

Key ingredients: Sempervivum Tectorum, Peony Extract, Jojoba Oil.
Contains some kind of fragrance too.


Let’s make a test

At this place I have to say that this is a very mild cleanser. I guess the brand was about to develop something suitable for sensitive skin. This is because its abilities to cleanse are a bit weak, but it’s still a good cleanser for those who doesn’t apply much makeup.

I chose the same makeup for this test too.

Apply as much jelly as you need on dry skin with dry hands.

Massage untill the makeup removes.

I massaged about 2 minutes and this was how it looked like after.

It is definitely weaker than the cleansing water. I had such difficulties by removing my makeup from face too. But don’t scare, the foam cleanser removes the spots completely. This time I tried with cleansing water.

Pros. Very mild and gentle, doesn’t irritate, doesn’t drop down from hands.
Cons: removes not everything at once.




I like both cleansers, but my fave is definitely the micellar water. I’ve already bought the second bottle. Simply the best cleansing water I have ever used. I take it amoung my must-haves and can recommend to everyone no matter of the skin type.

The jelly cleanser is not so my taste, though I have some cleansing oils, but prefer cleansing water. In addition, I think combo and oily skin need a stronger cleanser than this one. I can recommend it for dry, normal and sensitive skin and for those who doesn’t apply much makeup.

Like I wrote above, I am a big fan since last year and looking forward to try another products .

Overall a successful start from JOWAE. Well done!


Stay beautiful

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