About me – Like the magic of crocheting

This post is not sponsored by Atlas Verlag or Prym Consumer Europe GmbH.


After posting my facial care I thought it’s time to write something about me, to be exactly my hobby. Recently I was crocheting a lot, I am a big fan of crocheting. I’ve been crocheting since 15 years or so. In this post I’m going to show you some of my works.

Those of you who read my posts since last year  may have seen some photos with crocheting, like this:

or this:

Both of them I made by myself.


This was the original

And what I made

I have to give it its shape and iron.



Another one

And what I made. Needs ironing too.



Another nice piece is this curtain.

I disliked that it was made specially for clips.

I decided to go my own way and made something like this

Now I have it multifunctional, can use it with a rod or clips.

Needs washing and ironing too.


Et Voilà


Have a nice time & see ya 🙂

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