A letter to my Blog on its first anniversary


My dear Blog I’ve received your letter. You know how to make me glad and bright my eyes as I’m always feel better getting a message from you.

It’s a year already since you were born. How the time passes?! Remember the time before you came into my life, you made me alive! You were first a little crazy idea , frameless, shapeless. To bring you to life I entered a new world, unknown and strange.

              I white sheet of paper…

              … and I made a sketch…

Now I see, the seed I planted a year ago, grew to a big beautiful tree and how pleasant it is to rest in its shadow on a hot summer day! I see people streaming to your branches in crowds… I couldn’t imagine a year ago this were possible!

You write, you were looking for an own way, searching for new ideas, making thoughts of your destiny. Indeed, you tried many ways since your begginings: you cooked, you cleaned, you learned some culture. Then you discovered the world of beauty and felt at once at home. You write, it is your destiny to bring the beauty to the world, to see it everywhere…

Today is your first anniversary and looking from the side at you, listen to my words for you:

                                    My lovely Blog, I’m wishing you to keep the way you’ve chosen,
                                    To follow the steps you’ve marked,
                                    To grow up and always stay unbroken,
                                    The pact of beauty you’ve already signed.
                                    Keep going path your better self,
                                    Discover World, Life, Yourself!


                                        My lovely Blog,

And Stay Beautiful 🙂

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