Recent visit at Bijou Brigitte

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I wanted for a long time to open a category for bling-blings alias jewelleries, to show you my taste for jewelleries since I decided to blog about beauty and have now the chance to do it.

It was a SALES-time in German shopping-world like each year from the end of january till the middle of february. Last week I visited my most loved fashion jewellery brand here: Bijou Brigitte and they had many nice pieces on SALE! Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!

I like Bijou Brigitte for good quality, amazing design and a wide range of products. In the past few years I got many of their products mostly on SALE as they are not specially cheap.

I’m a big fan of amber, coz’ I guess this should be amber. I have already a small collection of amber pieces on silver and each year try to get new. Maybe I’ll write a post about one day. Now I am happy with this silver ring.

I prefer Bijou Brigitte rings to other brands, because they are very good shaped, suit good on finger and are comfortable to wear.

I’ve been searching since two years for a plain silver bangle, but the most I have found were too expensive for me. And yes!, now I got it!

A dream came true for me!

New earrings. They claimed these are real pearls. Ok, they’re too small, but to make me beautiful the right thing 🙂

Do they suit me?

And last but not least my new favourite necklace! ❤ I like every kind of jewellery: simple jewellery and  fancy ones. The main thing, it should suit me and my personality.

They say spherical shapes and balls in jewellery are a big trend this year. So, if you follow trends good to know 🙂 I like it so much, that will wear it after the trend will be over too.


Make your own treasure chests and Stay beautiful 🙂



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