The Ordinary – Retinol 0,2% & Multi-Peptide Hair Serum

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I keep on continuing to get familiar with The Ordinary’s world of little flaskas. This time it was the turn of retinol, yay! and hair care. What can I say after about three months of using? – Suprised, disappointed and pleased. Sounds great, isn’t it? As I have already mentioned in the first part, I won’t give a full review (there’re too many), but only my honest opinion about.



Retinol 0,2% in Squalan

I’m already 39 and the time slowly came to try finally retinol out. I have avoided it for a certain period because I was simply scared about the effect for my skin. But at that age there’re no excuses any more and I finally decided to try something out. Of course for a newbie I tried to find retinol in very small concetration, but it wasn’t so easy as I thought. By such a flood of cosmetic brands and their products, I found it pretty difficult to find a product with low percantage of retinol, affordable and in adequate quality at the same time. Somehow all the retinol I found were over 1% in concentration and highends.

And then I though of The Ordinary, my knight in shining armour, just rode in from beauty peaks of cosmetic mountains and brought me lots of gifts affordable in price and well known to be working horses. And the best thing is that they offer many retinols in different percentages. from low to high.
But, what is actually retinol and what is it good for?

Retinol is actually vitamin A or a form of it. Retinol in cosmetics is usually used to treat acne and for aging skin. The main tasks of retinol or what does it do: stimulates skin renewal and production of collagen, prevents from formation of pigment moles. All that means that retinol works for reducing wrinkles, increasing skin’s elasticity, brightening by preventing from pigmentaion. Applied on skin retinol converts to retinoic acid and this is the actual stuff which is able to make wonders.

Just notice that the brand changes the formulas of its products a little bit from time to time. I’ve read recently a comment from a girl who was really pleased with the old formulation, but faced some problems with the changed one.

Key ingredients: 0.2% retinol, squalan, jojoba oil , rosemary oil.


My opinion

This is a retinol-squalan oil solution, dark yellow oily substance. For me it looks, feel and smells like coldpressed rosehip oil and has the same effect. If you’ve already used rosehip oil you can imagine what is it like. I am a big fan of coldpressed oils, especially rosehip oil is my favourite. It is perfect for my combination skin and as anti-age product. Firms, hydrates, nourishes and (the best!) makes the skin clearer at the same time. Somehow, this retinol has the same effect only a bit stronger.
Two days after the first applying the skin turned red and broke out with small point-like pimples. For my great relief, everything diappeared very quick within a short time. I tried to apply it twice a week during my evening routine for about a month or less. What can I say? – I’m very impressed and glad I have finally bought it.

1) Feeling: though it’s an oily product, but it doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable. Takes long time to absorb, greasy.

2) Clears: fights well against impurities. I notice reducing of pimples and other breakouts every time I use it. The skin looks clearer and complexion brighter.

3) Anti-age: the best thing about it is (and the main reason for me to try the higher concentrated serum too), that it really firms the skin. I noticed my skin got firmer and it literally feels how much elasticity it has got.

I usually aplly under a light serum with hyaluronic acid instead of a moisturizer over, because I simply dislike to apply something over oil. I do know that there’re much better retinol products for higher price and in higher quality. But, overall, this one left a good impression. Of course, I’d like to repurchase. Recommend for everyone over 30 as anti-age and as anti-impurities treatment.



Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density

I was struggling with heavy hair loss for many months as I watched a review on YouTube about an innovation from the Ordinary helping against hair loss. The girls spoke so enthusiastically that I thought why not try it, maybe this one will help me. To be more certain I watched some other reviews on YouTube and all of them were positive. Said and done. I became a happy owner of this “wonder” serum.


First of all, what is it?

This is for the momement the only one product in the whole TO range for hair care. It’s a lightweight transparent light-beige coloured and unperfumed serum. Main tasks: increase the density of hair, restore it’s health, for more fullness. I extra looked at Deciem’s official page, there’s nothing about preventing or stopping the hair loss.

The formulation is based on:

– different types of peptides: Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, both are often used in remedies against hair loss by blocking enzymes responsible for the loss.

Peptides are protein chains which are performing several tasks, but in cosmetics they are often used as stimulators to generate skin’s own collagen and elastin production for firmer skin.

– a lot of goodies of plant extracts, like. larch wood extract and tea leaf extract, baikal skullcap root extract, wheat germ extract, clover flower exract and pea seeds extract.

– plus caffein a well known ingredient in anti-age, anti-cellulite, anti-puff-eyes cosmetics. But it seems to be, it can help aganst hair loss by blocking substances which are responsible for hair loss.

It’s a leave-in serum. The manufacturer suggests to use it daily on clean, dry scalp, preferably at bedtime.


My opinion

I haven’t used it daily, as suggested, but only on days when I washed my hair. I have long hair, so because of it, it’s difficult for me to wash and dry them, I wash my hair max three times a week. I applied the serum on scalp skin when it dried out at bedtime. I used it about six weeks or so.
I’ve been struggling with severe hair loss since about a year. I was seeking for a cosmetic remedy against hair loss and for more strength and density of hair.

What can I say? The best way to describe for me in pros and cons.

– lightweight solution,
– quick full absorbtion
– unscented
– easy to apply with a pipette
– dark glass,
– no irritation
– no residue left
– big size, by 60 ml there’s enough for many months, but it depends on the frequency of usage.

– high price, I bought by Douglas for 18,40 € (60 ml)
– no effect, that means no stop of the hair loss, no density, no fullnes. I saw the opposite, during the usage of this serum I lost a lot of hair.

Maybe, this is effective only by daily use, I don’t know. This was only the individual reaction and I’m not going to blame TO for its uneffectiveness, but shame of the money.


Stay beautiful 🙂


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