About Blog

What is my blog about? About everything I’ll find interesting to tell. First of all about things I am interested in at the moment and they are: cosmetics, cooking, health and ….

How did I get the idea to a blog? Nothing complicated. Very Simple.  Nine months ago I discovered the wonderful world of korean cosmetics for myself and since then I’ve been reading and watching a lot of reviews of other bloggers.  Nine months is a lot of time, isnt’t it? I have now my own experiences with korean cosmetics and want ot make own reviews. What for? To help other human beings who are searching for a right stuff)

No I won’t report only about K-Beauty, but also about other good or “not so good!” cosmetics I could get, about gadgets, about cooking (it’s my passion), health, culture, celebrities and last but not least not to forget my own thoughts.

I don’t like long text for review neither to read nor to write them. So I decided to report in my own style: short, informative, precies.

All the thoughts and opinions in my posts are my own at the moment. The posts and reviews aren’t sponsored yet and the links I share aren’t affiliate links yet. For the case IF I’ll mark the sponsored/affiliate content.

I hope it’ll be interesting for you to visit my page and to take something positive with you.

Stay with me.

Your Beima